New 5 min wake up peaceful meditation!

Busy people also need to meditate.  We don't always find "the time" to do what we know will make us feel better.  It is easier to come up with excuses for why we are stressed than find time to do what is needed.  Pity parties are much more fun than taking action.  But we know what we need to do.  So take that action today.  Start a habit of beginning your day with a quick, 5 min meditation and start the day right.

Online consultations and meditations

Online consultations and meditations We are all going through some really tough times with the COVID-19 lockdown.  Most of us are confined to our homes, with nowhere to go yet we all have increased stress, financial pressure and a need to connect, more than ever.  I have decided to attend to this need for my clients.  I have been getting so many requests for sessions, but with no way of doing them in person, have decided to go cyber! I will no be doing online consultations, therapy and also be able to provide real-time meditations.  So whether you just need [...]

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