Online consultations and meditations

We are all going through some really tough times with the COVID-19 lockdown.  Most of us are confined to our homes, with nowhere to go yet we all have increased stress, financial pressure and a need to connect, more than ever.  I have decided to attend to this need for my clients.  I have been getting so many requests for sessions, but with no way of doing them in person, have decided to go cyber!

I will no be doing online consultations, therapy and also be able to provide real-time meditations.  So whether you just need to offload, destress or get your own personalised, real-time meditation, you now can.

Go to my shop  and find either online consultation or online meditation.  Buy your service and WhatsApp, call or text me on 0716058047 to schedule a suitable time.  You don’t have to do a face to face session if you don’t want to.  This means you can see me on screen, but you can stay incognito (for those days you want to just hang out in your comfy clothes).

So let’s connect!  Let’s stay in touch and get you feeling great in this unprecedented times.