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11K Views of my meditation

Wow! 11 111 views of my wake up happy 5 min meditation on youtube.  I am so grateful.  When I started the free meditations my goal was to be able to gift the world quick, effective meditations they could fit into their day.  And how amazing is this!  Every few days another 1000 people [...]

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New 5 min wake up peaceful meditation!

Busy people also need to meditate.  We don't always find "the time" to do what we know will make us feel better.  It is easier to come up with excuses for why we are stressed than find time to do what is needed.  Pity parties are much more fun than taking action.  [...]

How to find the root of your limiting beliefs with rapid response hypnosis

In this webinar, Nadya Brand of Hypnotherapy Cape Town, explains how beliefs work, where they come from and take the delegates through a rapid response hypnosis back in time. Since you were a child you took on certain beliefs. I am stupid, I don't deserve love, I can never be successful, money [...]

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Online consultations and meditations

Online consultations and meditations We are all going through some really tough times with the COVID-19 lockdown.  Most of us are confined to our homes, with nowhere to go yet we all have increased stress, financial pressure and a need to connect, more than ever.  I have decided to attend to this need for [...]

5 Reasons why you should laugh more. Seriously, no jokes.

5 Top reasons why you should laugh more.  Seriously, no jokes. Laughing releases endorphins.  Endorphins are our body's "natural painkillers" and "anti-depressants".So laughter relieves pain. Yes, you read it right, it takes pain away. Woohoo!  Bye bye backache.  Endorphins also increases feelings of well-being, meaning you feel pretty jolly and who doesn't want to [...]

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