11K Views of my meditation

Wow! 11 111 views of my wake up happy 5 min meditation on youtube.  I am so grateful.  When I started the free meditations my goal was to be able to gift the world quick, effective meditations they could fit into their day.  And how amazing is this!  Every few days another 1000 people [...]

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How to find the root of your limiting beliefs with rapid response hypnosis

In this webinar, Nadya Brand of Hypnotherapy Cape Town, explains how beliefs work, where they come from and take the delegates through a rapid response hypnosis back in time. Since you were a child you took on certain beliefs. I am stupid, I don't deserve love, I can never be successful, money [...]

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Online consultations and meditations

Online consultations and meditations We are all going through some really tough times with the COVID-19 lockdown.  Most of us are confined to our homes, with nowhere to go yet we all have increased stress, financial pressure and a need to connect, more than ever.  I have decided to attend to this need for [...]

Health is the most important thing

Health is the most important thing - The 2020 challenge coming up. Now I know this sounds overused and stale but in the last two weeks this statement finally made sense.  So let me begin by explaining how it all started. I had my second child exactly 10 years and two weeks apart.  With [...]

Wimmie Wimmie! Find out how cold water and deep breathing keep you healthy

Let's Wimmie Wimmie and get healthy! Find out how cold water and deep breathing keep you healthy. About a year ago my husband stubbled across a weird and wonderful man,  Wim Hof.  Together we watched several documentaries.  He blew us away.   This ordinary, yet extraordinary, Dutchman was doing incredible things for his body [...]

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Is hypnotherapy the therapy of the future?

Is hypnotherapy the therapy of the future? The simple answer I believe is Yes! With so many therapies to choose from, why would you choose hypnotherapy?  That is a good question.  When I was first introduced to hypnotherapy, I was dubious.  Being a sceptic, I need proof or some kind of scientific evidence.  Boy, [...]

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5 Surprising facts about hypnotherapy

5 Surprising facts about Hypnotherapy: #1 - You go into a state of hypnosis at least twice a day - Example:  To arrive at a destination without the memory of driving there or zoning out while reading a book. #2 - Hypnosis may be used as an analgesic - Studies found that hypnosis can [...]

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