Hypnobirthing Cape Town 40 weeks pregnant

Me at 40 weeks pregnant


Hypnobirthing for an uncomplicated, natural birth – Why would I recommend it?

So, let me explain. When I had my first child I imagined a peaceful water birth with essential oils and candles, bouncing on my yoga ball while “breathing” my baby out naturally.

However, sadly the birthing process turned out to be exactly what I did NOT want.  Let me explain. It was almost 24 hours of relentless, excruciating pain and projectile vomiting (due to reaction with pethidine).  As a result the baby went into distress and I was exhausted.

Finally I ended up with a “natural” epidural.  Luckily I avoided an emergency C-section when they broke my waters and the birth progressed.  Finally she was born. But I felt cheated.  I wanted, planned and visualised this peaceful, intimate, moving experience.  But the fact was clear, I was drugged up, frightened and totally “not present” during the whole experience.

Hypnobirthing – My second time round

Consequently I wanted a different birth second time round.  Fortunately for me, I qualified as a hypnotherapist after the birth of my first born and by the second baby, I was in total control of my birthing process.

So this time round I was determined to be present, to feel everything, to see everything and to even feel ever bit of pain.  I wanted to be there, in the moment.  I didn’t want to miss a thing and used hypnosis to prepare me for the birth.  The idea of a pain free, natural and drug free labour was born.

My birth story

And boy, did it work.  When I got my first “this is it” contractions, it was around 22h00 at night.  Hubby was peacefully asleep next to me.  I put on the recording I did for myself and started the process. As the pain and the labour progressed I moved to the bath where I had candles and essential oils waiting.  It was magical.  Just me and my pain and my baby in the midnight hours.  It was exactly as I wanted it.

origin maternity hospital for natural uncomplicated child birth

Origin Maternity Hospital

At a point where I felt I needed my husband around it was about 03h30.  We got our things together.  My husband was super loving and supportive and helped me comfort my other daughter (being a bit distressed at seeing me in pain) as we got ready to leave.  We drove to Origin Maternity hospital half an hour away.

During that time I continued with my hypnobirthing breathing in the car and even put my head out the window like a dog to relieve my pain!  It was funny and amazing.  Feeling the cold air rushing past my face was amazing.  When we arrived at the hospital around 04h15 it was “go time”.  Who would’ve guessed that I was 8cm dilated and ready to push.

It was unbelievable that I was able to control my pain so well for the past few hours!  A huge sense of achievement and pride, something I yearned for since my first born, was felt.  My second daughter was born at 05h28.  Natural, drug free.  Overwhelmed with pride I felt a power I could not describe.  Further more, I did what I set out to do and hypnosis helped me achieve it.

The gifthypnobirthing Cape Town woman natural birth

Most importantly I would like to pass that gift on to others who want a natural and  uncomplicated birth.  It is possible.  In conclusion I believe we are designed for natural and uncomplicated births.  And I can’t explain the joy you feel when you do it all without drugs and interventions.

How hypnobirthing can assist uncomplicated and natural childbirth and labour:

  • Pain management – less medical intervention, more in control, less drugs, more present
  • Visualisation of birthing process to eliminate fear.  Fear = Pain.   Less fear = less pain, less complications
  • Breathing techniques for calm, focussed labour – being in the moment, present to experience the beauty of labour
  • Positive affirmations to empower the mother and ensure she is in the right frame of mind (Very important aspect!)

If you would like assistance in achieving the birth you imagine and want, get in touch and book your initial consultation now.