Mr N Aucamp

15/10 would recommend. Honestly the best guided mediation that I've experienced in my 4 years of practicing meditation. She's a warm and kind hearted person who knows how to guide you on a beautiful mediation that is tailored to exactly what you need.

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Mrs N Mason

~ Life purpose One in a million therapist.  I can highly recommend. Very professional and safe environment.  Nadya has something special, this ability to pinpoint the exact area that I needed to focus on in order to bring immediate change in my life. I found the guided sessions deeply de-stressing and revitalising, like a [...]

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Miss A Anonymous

~ Phobia of being alone at home "Excellent service and very helpful sessions. Nadya is easy to open up to and has helped me develop the tools needed to get through my anxiety and phobia. She provides a safe and very calming space. Would highly recommend seeing her."

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Mrs C Treges

~ Life purpose and healing "Nadya has forever changed my life, she was the perfect person, at the perfect time, and I cannot recommend Nadya enough! Please please please contact Nadya if you need to. This is a difficult time as is, and Nadya is offering online sessions via Zoom. Thank you for the [...]

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Mrs V Swart

~ Stress, anxiety, work "I first met Nadya 10 years ago, have never forgotten how she helped me then. I have now connected with Nadya again and am ever so grateful for the difference she has made and is still making in my life. Nadya comes highly recommended. Thank you, Nadya." [...]

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Mr D Chatton

~ Life purpose, relationship, confidence "When I first came to Nadya, I was put at ease with the caring nature and bubbly personality that Nadya portrayed! She put me at immediate ease and made me open up with confidence. I still use several of the technics we practiced during the great sessions we shared. [...]

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Mr CP Brand

~ Stress, health, relaxation "What a rewarding, relaxing experience..professional treatment at it's owe it to NOT miss it.."

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