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Get ready for the 10 workshop series – Eightfold pathway to a new, greater you!

Eightfold path – Freedom from suffering- 10 series workshop

Next year 2020 is a pretty special year. It is time to move from suffering, stress and mindless worrying and get into a spiritual “fitness plan” to get active on changing your life into one you want, deserve and where you flourish.

eightfold path workshops hypnotherapy Cape Town 2020

eightfold path workshops hypnotherapy Cape Town 2020

Every month for 10 months there will be a workshop held. During each workshop different aspects will be addressed but each workshop links and builds towards the final workshop in November. Now, many of us can’t imagine committing to something like this, and that is partly why our lives don’t work out the way we want. We want happiness, health, wealth, fitness, nice bodies and spiritual growth, but none of us are prepared to put in the time. I am dedicating 2020 to my own personal journey of finding true joy, light heartedness and peace. Presenting these workshops takes a huge commitment on my part too and I want you on board!

I will be integrating the age old eightfold pathway to enlightenment that healed so much suffering for centuries into each workshop. Each workshop will be unique (so you can also just do a drop-in class) but combined they function as a whole spiritual journey.

Each attendant will receive a lovely secret gift. There will be light snacks during the breaks.

A typical workshop will include, sound bath therapy, meditation, self-reflection and a group Q&A. The 2020 workshop series will commence on 29 February 2020. Safe your seat today!

Date: 29 February 2020

Cost: R850 single session

R500 as part of the series of 10 – booked in advance

Workshop 1: Where am I heading?

Coming soon! Reserve your spot today and get notified when the workshop will be done – (reserve spot here – click)

  • Where am I heading? – 10-16 spaces
  • Happiness Creator – 10 – 16 spaces – Couples & singles welcome
  • Heal me – 10 – 16 spaces
  • Money Money Money – 10 – 16 spaces

Most of us struggle at some point in time with where our life is heading. Whether we are in a job we don’t enjoy or making enough money in, whether our life expectations aren’t fulfilled or whether we just don’t know where to put our focus and energy.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to find out where they soul is, or should, be heading. We are not always sure of our purpose, our direction or the drive behind our lives. This workshop delves into you limiting beliefs that affects your personal success and happiness. It will help you focus on directing your life to where you want to see yourself. And if you are unsure where you see yourself, to find clarity from your higher self and soul to provide the guidance for you. There will be a question and answer session with me to help direct your focus.

Workshop 2: Happiness Creator

Relationships are challenging. And I have had my fare share of experience. I believe relationships help with our personal and spiritual growth. So you may be in a happy relationship but feel there is more you can give. Maybe you have just gotten out of a relationship and want to clear yourself before getting involved again. Or alternatively you are wanting to get into a relationship and not sure why things aren’t working out for you.

This workshop is all about finding happy relationship balance. Couples and single people are welcome. We will explore why your relationships repeat or bring forth repetitive patterns and how to see the cycles. Then you will be able to change the direction of your relationship or move on from past relationships. There will be a question and answer session with me to help direct your focus.

Workshop 3: Heal me

Most of us have suffered some sort of trauma. Abuse, poverty, illness, loss of a loved one, relationship break-ups, violence etc. Sometimes these past trauma’s hold us hostage and hamper our personal growth. In order for us to heal we must clear these traumas from our being and our mind. We will open up the locked away pain from the trauma so we can heal. Once you clear these painful blockages you may be able to find more inner peace and freedom to live a more inspiring and happy life. So during this workshop you will go deeply into finding and clearing/dealing with your past trauma and allow healing to take place. This is a great Spring clean for anyone. There will be a question and answer session with me to help direct your focus.

Workshop 4: Money Money Money

The person who said you can’t buy happiness, obviously having snorkelled in the Maldives. Just kidding. But who couldn’t do with some more money? Money isn’t some evil thing that destroys lives. Money is just money. People change how money is perceived. Your own beliefs about money may hold you back from letting it flow to you. So to me there is a difference between being ego-based materialism and using money to live a more fulfilled life.

Money can do so much good in the world. It opens up charity, travel, well-being and experience. During this workshop you will investigate what beliefs you have about money and how this is serving you. Then you will replace these limiting or negative views with new, inspiring and positive views that will allow money to flow where you need it. An opportunity for questions and answers will be possible during session.